Goal #2: Get Moving

In order to complete goal #1, I spent nearly every minute of the first 7 weeks of 2009 sitting in front of the computer. So it is fitting that goal #2, be impossible to complete while I sit in front of the computer. I went out and bought new running shoes the other day so I can start jogging again: you can see them below. I have tried jogging on and off the past 2 years but never kept it up. I think the biggest factor was my old pair of running shoes. Even after jogging about 6 times a week, for over a month, in 2008 I was still getting blisters. No matter how much I tried to break my old running shoes in they killed my feet. They were the right size and felt good when I tried them on, so I am not sure why they gave me so much problems while jogging. In the past I always used Nike or New Balance for my running shoes and never had a problem, so after trying out AVIA for my last pair, I am back to Nike.

We have pretty nice 24/7 gym just below us, in our complex. I plan to jump on the treadmill 5 times a week, and maybe even get out to jog around the area. All of this is to train for the Long Beach Half Marathon which takes place 10/11/2009. So, I have just under 7 months to get ready. I want thank Kolby from Solace Arts for bringing the half marathon to my attention. Kolby and I are planning on running in the marathon together. Who else is with us?


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