Goal #2: Get Moving

In order to complete goal #1, I spent nearly every minute of the first 7 weeks of 2009 sitting in front of the computer. So it is fitting that goal #2, be impossible to complete while I sit in front of the computer. I went out and bought new running shoes the other day so I can start jogging again: you can see them below. I have tried jogging on and off the past 2 years but never kept it up. I think the biggest factor was my old pair of running shoes. Even after jogging about 6 times a week, for over a month, in 2008 I was still getting blisters. No matter how much I tried to break my old running shoes in they killed my feet. They were the right size and felt good when I tried them on, so I am not sure why they gave me so much problems while jogging. In the past I always used Nike or New Balance for my running shoes and never had a problem, so after trying out AVIA for my last pair, I am back to Nike.

We have pretty nice 24/7 gym just below us, in our complex. I plan to jump on the treadmill 5 times a week, and maybe even get out to jog around the area. All of this is to train for the Long Beach Half Marathon which takes place 10/11/2009. So, I have just under 7 months to get ready. I want thank Kolby from Solace Arts for bringing the half marathon to my attention. Kolby and I are planning on running in the marathon together. Who else is with us?


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Goal #1: Complete – Re-Branding and New Website

This post is a little overdue considering I launched my new website 3 weeks ago.

My New Brand and Logo
My re-branding from RMC Photography to Rustin Michael began last August. I asked for some input from my Fast Track Photographer friends about tweaking my RMC Photography logo. After several helpful responses, my friend Dane Sanders, the author of the Fast Track Photographer book, stepped in and asked what am I really trying to communicate with my brand? The thing the my Fast Track Photographer friends helped me to realize is that with RMC Photography I was was really focused on selling photography. Just look at the name, you have my initials RMC, which stands for Rustin Michael Cerveny, and then photography. I don’t want to focus on selling photography, which can be purchased from the thousands of wedding photographers out there or the several other wedding photographers using the name RMC Photography. I want to offer something unique, which is me. There is only one me out there just like there is only one of you. I can try to imitate others or they can try to imitate me, but I can only be the best version of me. just as you can only be the best version of you. So after some input once again from my Fast Track Photographer friends, I settled on using my first and middle name, Rustin Michael, and purchased www.rustinmichael.com.

Now that I had a name I needed a new logo. I created the RMC Photography logo myself a couple years ago but always knew that it could of been better if it had been done by a professional. So I contacted my church, Mosaic, and asked if I could get help getting connected to a graphic designer. Mosaic, is an a amazing church and sometimes even called a church full of artists. I love that it is full of all different types of people with unique talents. I connected with Steve McAdam. of www.transitionalprogress.com. We met once and I explained to him what I was looking for and what I wanted to communicate with my new logo and brand. A couple weeks later, after sending him several different examples of design I like, he sent me his first set of logos that he had come up with for Rustin Michael. Each logo offered a different direction we could head with the logo. Immediately one jumped out at me. He nailed it on the head with the first try. After a few slight tweaks we ended up with the Rustin Michael logo you see today. I highly recommend Steve McAdam for any of your branding or graphic design needs. He was great to work with.

My New Website
The first big goal for me this year was to launch a new website for www.rustinmichael.com. With my previous website I had bought a template which is great if you are just starting out. The problem is that other people can have the same site. My day job, before becoming a full time photographer and stay-at-home dad, was as a software engineer. So with that background I set out the build a new website that is unique just as my brand is. So for the first 7 weeks this year I spent most of my time in front of the computer building my new site in Adobe Flash CS3 using some flash components. It was really hard and frustrating at times but just as with all things in life, anything worth doing isn’t easy. I finally launched my website just before heading off to WPPI, which was my goal. Here are a couple of screen shots from the new site, I hope you go check it out.


[…] order to complete goal #1, I spent nearly every minute of the first 7 weeks of 2009 sitting in front of the computer.  So it […]

Gideon at 4 Months

This past Tuesday on 2/24/2009 our son, Gideon, turned 4 months old. After seeing some photos my friend Julie C Butler posted of her son, Noah, on Facebook I was inspired to use a similar technique to take some photos of Gideon. So yesterday I dressed Gideon in just a diaper and opened the curtains and blinds in our bedroom. All of these photos we shot with window light and the Canon 5D Mark II with the Canon 50mm f/1.2L lens, a perfect combo for such a cute little boy.


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JanelleMarch 26, 2009 - 1:27 am

He is absolutely adorable Rustin!! wow! he has grown so much. thanks for sharing your pictures with us!! and congrats on your new branding and website. it looks great and i love rustin michael. sounds great!

Julie C ButlerMarch 2, 2009 - 7:20 pm

No worries!!
Yes .. I use my 24-70 all the time .. LOVE it!! and the Mark II as well!! LOVE It too!! 🙂
I bet you are a super dad .. taking pics of him all the time!! LOL don’t we all!!
Just think .. they will grow up having the best pics of them as babies!!

My sister said to me the other day .. and i laughed ..
NOAH isn’t going to like the fact that you posted some of these on facebook once he is a grown man … LOL

I’ve posted some more inspiration for you!!
Have fun .. and take care,

TammyMarch 2, 2009 - 6:46 pm

OMG- he is SO scrumptious. I could drown in those gorgeous pools that are his eyes. WOW!!! Love him!

Jennifer DisneyMarch 2, 2009 - 12:13 am

These are great Rustin! What a cutie!!!!!

Julie C ButlerFebruary 27, 2009 - 7:49 pm

OMG!!!! How cute is he!! You did good Rustin .. These are amazing .. Now if only I could get me-self the 50 1.2 🙂
He is a doll .. These are stunning!! That last one it awesome .. I love it!! I’m waiting for Noah to grab his feet like that .. His belly is just too “chubbs” LOL
I can’t wait to see more of him!!
How you loven’ being a Daddy .. it’s amazing isn’t it!!
Take care,

JordanaFebruary 27, 2009 - 5:38 pm

Oh.My.God. He is ADORABLE! What stunning little eyes! And you definitely captured the perfect amount of drool!

BrettneyFebruary 27, 2009 - 5:20 pm

Those are such great pics! He just looks so natural compared to other work I’ve seen, great job!

Wayne ToshikazuFebruary 27, 2009 - 4:53 pm

You got a beautiful boy on your hands, that’s for sure! So cute…

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